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With almost 6 million visitors every year, Tenerife is among Europe´s fastest growing tourist destinations. - is the only online travel agency dedicated solely to Tenerife and thus provides all local services and offers on one convenient website. As both a retail and wholesale agency we offer attractive commissions on any services sold through us to agencies in Europe and around the world. We also quote offers for packages and group trips with a usual 48 hour turnaround on pricing although, more complex trips may take a little longer. If your agency requires a bespoke trip, possibly based upon an idea or concept then let us fill in the blanks and create the complete package including ground transport, local logistics and tour organization. We also have direct prices for hotels unavailable through your usual GDS system and can also negotiate exceptional rates for groups directly with local hotels and suppliers. The net saving on groups can often times exceed 20% compared to a straight GDS bookings.

Why Choose us?

We are licensed: We are one of only a handful of local agencies with a full wholesale license and paid up capital of 180,000 Euros plus are bonded for the same amount by TAEDS insurance.

IGIC, IVA or VAT: Spanish IVA and UK VAT can increase costs by up to 17.5% when providing inter European vacations. Canary Island based wholesale agencies invoice under a special European regime of 5% (IGIC) enabling you to be more competitive on pricing. Note: Agents based in mainland Spain even if they have operations in the Canaries must charge the full IVA rate of 16%.

Ground Transport: Through our local wholesale license we are legally able to contract all types of ground and sea transport for resale for non Canary Island based agencies.

Hotels and Accommodation: From simple hotel rooms to splendid Villas we offer direct rates from local suppliers saving your agency not only the GDS percentages but also ensuring the best possible accommodation in a given location with specific rooming available.

Sea and Air: Being an island Tenerife requires access by sea or air. We offer both at discounted rates for Ferries and interisland air travel. We also offer low cost tickets to and from Europe with over 70 low cost airlines on our Low Cost Flights page. All tickets are bookable immediately.

Ground Handling: We offer all types of ground handling services from simple airport collections to full guide services for your clients. Guides and buses available for specialist and incentive holidays.

VIP Services: We have a special program for VIP´s which includes unique services from special vehicles to outstanding and secure accommodations. We also offer personal protection and other related services.

To become an affiliate agent and benefit from deductable commissions from our published rates please send one of the following:

  • IATA Number and agency name
  • National Travel Agency Certification
  • Local Chamber of commerce travel permit

Please send the above to or Fax to us on : (+34) 922 798574

If you have already booked and would like us to provide a commission breakdown then advise us either via email, chat on our site or on the faxed documents exactly what the sent reservation consists of and we will reply.



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 RT Gatwick - Tenerife South 69.00 €
 RT Heathrow - Tenerife South 71.00 €
 RT Man - Tenerife South 82.00 €
 RT Leeds/Brad - Tenerife South 89.00 €

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