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Below are listed the most frequently asked questions about travel to Cuba and our website.

We hope you will find the answer to your question. If not, contact us directly using the customer feedback form. We will endeaviour to respond within 24 hours.

FAQs have been categorized for your convenience.

 Do I need an international driving permit?
No. Tenerife and Spain accepts driving permits from any country.
 Fines and the local police.
As with most tourist destinations Tenerife is very hot on speeding, alcoholism, reckless driving and, not respecting road signs. Often times you will get away with a cautionary word but.
 Is fuel hard to find and how much does it cost?
In all major cities a refill is a cinch. Gasoline is cheaper than most European countries due to lower taxes in the canaries.
 Are there manual or automatic cars?
There are both but manual is more common. The general rule is that smaller cars are manual and, larger more luxurious cars are Automatic. If you require an automatic car it is advisable to reserve well in advance.
 Are there GSM systems in Tenerife?
Yes all European phones will work perfectly in Tenerife but the calls are billed by your local carrier under your standard roaming agreement with them. To call home and for extended calls you may wish to save money using one of the call centers on main streets or even a payphone which are infinitely cheaper.
 What currency should I bring to Tenerife?
The euro is the sole currency in Tenerife. Money exchanges are available on every corner though for international currencies and the pound.
 What is the exchange rate from my currency to Euro?
These rates vary of course. The best bet is to change your money in your home country where you will get a proper bank rates unlike the small exchange bureaus.
 Can I pay for services using my credit card?
99% of places accept credit cards and have electronic debit machines similar to those used worldwide. All local cash machines will also provide cash to international credit and debit cards.
 Where can I get just a flight to Tenerife?
You can call us on (+34) 922 751752 and book over the phone or use this website.
 What if I want to island hop and visit another of the islands?
We offer all flights and ferries to other islands. You can call us on (+34) 922 751752 and book over the phone or use this website.
 How will I get my tickets?
We provide e-tickets directly to you email account.
 Is all inclusive worth the extra cost?
Yes and no, if you are choosing a remote beach location or you are staying at one of the larger resorts you’ll probably want to stay there for most of your stay. If you are in the city, you will probably want to experiment with local restaurants while discovering the town so, we do not recommend all inclusive in this case. On a purely financial standpoint you’ll save money but, be informed that if you enjoy drinking Chivas Whisky or your favorite after meal liquor the cheaper and lower quality offerings may not suffice at all but, be informed that if you enjoy drinking Chivas Whisky or your favorite after meal liquor the cheaper and lower quality offerings may not suffice at all inclusives.
 Can I bring friends to my room?
If the friends are other guests at the hotel this is not an issue. Nevertheless, most hotels operate a strict guest only rule for access to the rooms so, be sure to request permission at reception before inviting your guest.
 How are the beaches in Tenerife?
Due to the volcanic nature of the island most beaches are dark in color. All the beaches in Las Americas are man made but you´d never notice. We prefer the beach behind la pinta o la playa del bobo below costa adeje.
 Can I choose a series of hotels with this site?
Yes, once you have reserved your first hotel you will be offered the opportunity of searching again for further hotels.
 In what currency and how do I pay for the hotel?
All rooms are sold in Euros but, our secure payment system bills rooms in Euros also but if you have a card from a non euro country your bank will charge you the daily rate for conversion.
 If I add the hotel to my shopping cart can it be removed if I choose another?
Of course, simply click the shopping cart at any time to analyze, modify or delete your previous selections.
 What are the principal types of resorts in Las Americas?
The older end of Las Americas simply offers hotels as classically conceived without the resort angle. Further towards Costa Adeje you will fin complete resorts with ample gardens, pools, areas to relax and the usual resort amenities.
 How is the nightlife in Playa de Las Americas?
For an all out booze fest then its Veronicas and the Starco centers (opposite) that take center stage. Later on the discos below satrco such as tramps and soul train are popular venues. For a more sedate evening with style then Torviscas Marina has a lot of small bars for all tastes plus further along towards cost adeje the whole sea front is filled with bars.
 Can I take excursions to other areas of Tenerife from Playa de Las Americas?
Yes and, this is very common. After a few days in Las Americas you will want to visit other areas of Tenerife. The most popular excursions are Loro Parque and the jungle park plus Siam Parque. There are many more, some les obvious and harder to find. Book your excursions on this site or call us on (+34) 922751752.
 What´s different between Las Americas and Puerto de La Cruz?
First of all Puerto de La Cruz with the main tourist destination on Tenerife until the late 80´s when Las Americas took the crown for good. As such it offers a “oldy worldy” style unavailable in the south. Puerto also suffers from low cloud quite often but in summer this can be a blessing for some. Until recently there were no beaches (or none you would call a beach) in Puerto hence the massive Martianez Lago which is a simply amazing array of pools all intermingling together in a massive seaside water world. Very good.
 Is there are Beach in Puerto de La Cruz?
Yes, a new beach has been created on the way to Loro Parque on the coastal road. For more details visit
 How is the nightlife in Puerto de la Cruz?
We find Puerto to be more of a relaxing place than Las Americas and as such this transcends into the nightlife. There are many small bars and pubs to hop from and to but there are not the massive discos of the south.
 How many days do I need to discover Tenerife?
Three whole days would provide a profound knowledge of the area and all you to visit all of the main sites. Many of our visitors take this route and spend three days but of course if it’s a break you need then 7-14 days is the norm.
 What places do you suggest we must visit during our stay?
If you hav ethe time you should visit the following in order of importance: Loro Parque Siam Parque Aqualand Masca and Santa Cruz Shopping day .
 Do I need a car in Puerto de La Cruz?
Unless you intend to visit other areas of the island a rental car is of no use in Puerto de La Cruz. The streets are narrow and everything is with a reasonable walking distance from the many centers the town has.
 If I stay in Tenerife do I need a car?
If you intend to visit the island its often better to do it in a car rather than the coach guided trips. You´ll have more time and go at your own pace.
 What is the Loro Parque?
Built by the Keissling family this parquet initially dedicted to exotic birds Loro (parrot) has now become both a zoo and aquarium of world class standards. Over the years the park has one hundreds of international awards and more recently introduced a sea world enspired killer whale show. You will not be disappointed. For more details visit
 What type of vacation can I expect in Playa las Americas?
There are several sides to Las Americas as it is locally known. Generally the costa adeje side is more upmarket and newer. The older Las Americas with the Veronica bars etc has beautiful beach and was built during the 70s 80s and 90s and thus has an older feel to it. There is also the area called Parque Santiago (named after the hotels there) where new boulevards and low rise shopping centers make for a nice evening stroll and a meal.
 Do you do packages to Tenerife?
Yes and from anywhere in the world! Our packages are usually tailor made and we specialise in one off holidays for families and groups.
 What if I already have a flight?
No problem, we have packages available with or without flights.
 Can I Taylor these packages to my specific needs?
Yes, in most cases Children are free, ask our agents for specific details.
 Are there discounts for Children?
Yes, in most cases Children are free, ask our agents for specific details.
 How are these packages confirmed?
You will receive a written confirmation prior to your arrival plus our staff will pick you up at the airport and provide you with all other paperwork. Otherwise we will provide full E-Voucher confirmations.
 Can I add extra services to these packages?
Yes, you may add anything we offer on these pages. Common additions are rental cars, VIP services and excursions.
 Can I pre-pay all services with my Credit card?
Yes, we accept Visa and MasterCard credit and debit cards via a secure SSL based payment system.
 Will my card details be needed?
No, we do not request nor will you be asked to provide your card details by our staff for online payments. All payments are made by you, online, securely and in the comfort of home or office. If you pay over the phone then the customary details will be required for this type of transaction.
 Can I use a credit card from any bank?
 What will appear on my statement?
The charge will appear on your statement as “Online Travel Management”
 Which currency will I pay in?
The charge will appear on your statement in the currency your card was issued in (Euros, Pounds, CAD, etc) the amount is converted automatically by the card issuer. Our website is in EURO’s so all online payments are billed in Euros.
 How long does it take to pay, is it complicated?
The payment process is very simple. If you are paying online: you will receive a link to an electronic invoice containing all of the services you have chosen. You will be asked to click on the final approval link which will take you to our online payment system. Once you have completed your details, payment takes around 10-30 seconds depending on your internet speed. For bank transfers you will receive an invoice explaining exactly how to pay.
 Who will receive my personal details and why?
Your travel arrangements are all handled in house by our agents. We only provide first and last name details to third parties. For flights we need the passport numbers of all passengers. We do not provide; age or nationality. Only when checking into hotels or flying will you be required to provide ID.
 Should I decide on tours now or when I arrive?
We highly recommend booking your tours and excursions along with your Holiday. Some tours are only available online and cannot be purchased locally. Plus, you will receive heavy discounts when prepaying services such as excursions. So, if you know what you want to do then pay and save in advance.
 What if I become sick and cannot take the tour?
The cancellation policy for tours is stipulated on the voucher you receive.
 I need some assistance on the best tours to choose, where can I go?
We offer email, free phone; yahoo and ICQ chat and telephone assistance 6 days a week. Simply ask us for any help in choosing what you need.
 What type of transport is used for these tours?
All tours sold on this website use brand new air-conditioned buses or, in the case of flights nationally recognised airlines. We do not sell tours that do not provide this level of comfort and security.

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